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Annoying Armpit Fat?

Want To Get Rid Of Annoying Armpit Fat? We Know How!

Whilst armpit fat is likely to have strong association with an over-weight issue which can be dealt with appropriate diet and exercise, you should also know that armpit fats are found on slim and fit women as well. A bad fitted bra, especially those with lesser coverage or wearing an ill fitted bra will push breast tissue away bit by bit, day by day until they become armpit fat after a certain period of time.

Start A Good Habit Today

Your daily bra should cover your breasts well and the cups should be big enough to keep the breasts inside them. Whilst it is alright to wear a down-sized bra for a wow cleavage or a half cup / balconette bra on special occasions, please do not make it as an everyday practice as this is the most likely common cause of armpit fats.

How Can We Help?

A well fitted bra with adequate coverage over the breasts is always better. If you already notice armpit fat appearing, please see your trustworthy bra-fitters and grab some new bras. We would also suggest bras with extra coverage at the underarm area if you really want improvement on the situation or at least not to let it go worse.

We are proud that most of our functional shaping bras are designed with a special design feature to tackle armpit fat problem, we call it “Underarm Crescent Shape Panels” and will go through with you in the next topic. Stay Tuned!