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Beautifully Imperfect

The world that we are living in has set us many standards and norms on how to live our lives. For most of the time, it is quite tiring to live up to these standards that seem to be practical to a very small bunch of people. A perfect example is when people talk about beauty standards. Our society accepts a very narrow guideline of beauty, i.e., super slim figures, flawless skin, unrealistic stereotype I would say. But seriously, who can meet these "perfect" standards? By all means, these to me are not real. At least, they are not what we shall live for. But then, what is perfect really?...

Little Imperfections

I am not going to write my feeling on the topic this time. Instead, I would like to share with you this lovely video that has filled me with tears, happy tears every time I watch it. Sorry about the quality but I am sure that will not affect your feeling towards it.


What Make Us Perfect? 



“In the end, there are these small things, little imperfections that make someone be remembered and be missed.”


So true. It reminds me all the time that our own values, self-worth and self-acceptance are all that matter which make us unbeatable. Just like the word "Imperfect" itself, give some space to yourself, feel confident and beautiful, so to be "I'm perfect." Trust me, perfect is not a unique thing, nor can it be applied with a single standard. Everyone can be perfect in your own way. We are all beautifully imperfect the way we are. That's most important, isn't it?