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Brad is Single, Really?

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt? "Are you kidding? No Way!" was my first instance to the news. I am sure everyone was shocked as we have seen them accomplish so much together. Their relationship has somehow a deeper meaning embedded in our hearts. That's why I refused to believe it first and even when I did, I felt sad becuase this has taken our already very thin line of hope towards long-lasting love away. Marriage is no question a symbol of love, but I would wonder, "Is divorce the end of it?"...

Marriage, Grave of Love?

A marriage starts at the moment a ring passes through the two. To me, it is a sacred moment and backed with biggest decision to commit all of myself to this only person for the rest of my life. "Commitment", that is what it is all about. Honestly, I felt at young that my marriage would never like any of the fairy tales that I read in story books. At least, I believe it would not be like that Cinderella and Snow White that once they met their prince, they would live happily ever after. In real life, marriage is indeed a start of everything, the start of a life together with another person, which we expect to walk through for the better or worse together. Instead of thinking that marriage is a grave of love, it is more like a commitment for the long-lasting love.

Relationship Lives On

If marriage is a start of a relationship, is divorce an end? I would never say that it is the end because it depends. To me, marriage and divorce are more like kind of social statuses that most people named for to alert people of what they are up to. A relationship never ends with a signature, nor a status. The most important thing in a relationship is that those in it shall enjoy and feel happy. I believe a drag-on unhappy marriage would be much worse and do more harm than a decent divorce. The former will definitely make a family more miserable than joyful. As long as we know this is for a good cause and agreed amongst the two, there is no need to blame yourself and the other half. For those who have kids, you don't need to be sorry for them but make sure you would work things out for them without big changes to their normal lives. Let them learn and you will learn too.


Don't make divorce an ugly one but a peaceful one! Don't put a dollar sign to it.


Whilst a marriage may be to an end and a divorce is unavoidable, we can learn to start a relationship with the same person in another way. If it is okay to both, there is no harm to still stay in each other's life after seperation, such as keeping in touch, supporting each other in life, raising the kids together, etc. Although the marriage status is ended, you can make your relationship lives on.

Long-Lasting Love

Long-lasting loves exists, except that we may have to accept that it may not be in the way of a marriage status. Remember at the end of the day, all it matters or might have ever mattered in life is that we have lived it, with joy, regrets and all the emotions that you would remember. Yea, that's life and enjoy as it is. Whilst marriage is no question a symbol of love, I believe there are always other ways to continue and contain this love, long-lasting love.

P.S. Mr. and Mrs. Smith has taught me one thing: A marriage between the two does not have to be a competitive one. Instead, each shall see the good in their own self. Even when one has the ability to actually destroy the other, those truely in love would only protect one another from harm till sky falls.