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Brightness in You

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Rio 2016 Olympic Games are really awesome. Congratulations to those who are able to get on the award stand. To those who did not win a medal, you should know that you are just as great which you have already come a long way. There are so many touching moments that have brought tears to our eyes. Are you touched by any?...

Love, Love, Love Olympics

We all love the Olympic Games even you don’t watch it, not because that we love that particular sports or the athletes, it is simply because that we can see the brightness in people whose put all they’ve got into something that they believe in and compete against others with the same values in a fair and undiscriminating way that we respect. We can see behind each game is endless efforts, sweats and hard works, all you can name it, that put in by each athlete and those who supported them alongside to make their Olympics dreams-come-true.

(Photo: 2016 Getty Image by Adam Pretty)


(Photo: Reuters)

We are Athletes in our Own Game

Though we may not be comparable to the great athletes, their true stories do remind us that, “aren’t we doing similar things every day: Put in the hard works, time and efforts of what we believe and walk towards our goals step by step?” Remember don’t forget to appreciate family and friends who give support and cheer us up through difficult times and moments along the way. Their support makes us stronger to keep going.

What Truly Make Us Great? 

Believes and supports do. They bring out the brightness and strength in every one and inspire us that we are unlimited.


“Believes and supports make you strong and unbeatable.”


So true. Just remember that we can all be great athlete in our own game of believe. Lastly, share with you the recent P&G commercial to celebrate the greatness of all athletes and those behind it.