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Good News: 80% Women Wearing It Wrong

Most bra experts and researchers out there saying that over 80% of women are wearing wrong size bra. It is very likely that you will ask yourself, "Am I one of them?" I know that sounds so discouraging for women as we always believe that a woman shall understand her body and self the best. So why not for the case of finding bras? Why the majority wears wrong bras?...

What Does "Wrong" Mean?

When experts speak about wrong size and fit, most of the time, they would have is a checklist of things to look into, like seeing whether the cups fully cover and support your bust or not, whether the band is in right tightness and position, any digging in of wires and gapping cups, etc.. If any of the listed items is checked, then you will be classified as wearing a "wrong" bra. Sounds very simple, in the theoretical sense, isn't it? But...

Expert Says... and Your Safety Zone

Honestly speaking, when an expert says your bra is "wrong", it is not really arguable that the bra is a right one for you, at least with due regard to the fit and size aspects. However, if an expert says a bra is right for you, it may not be a good one for you really, simple because whilst we are talking about an expert here, she is not a mind-reader, so she cannot tell how you really feel in a bra. I would say, no matter what an expert or a bra fitter says a bra that fits, you shall put it on and feel it yourself before you make a decision to get it, as ultimately, you are the one who put it on and go with it every day.

80% wrong has its reasons. We have met so many girls that they have never taken advices or would even avoid to get bra fitted by others, either due to embarassments or the sense of security concerns. They would rather choose bras on their own without talking to others, not even moms and sisters. You all can see, these girls, most girls are very prone to getting wrong bras. It is sad but true, for most of the time, they do not even know the bras are of wrong fit as they never tell or show to others.

The Right Size and Right Fit Formulas


Formular 1: Right Size + Right Fit = A Fitted Bra

Formular 2: A Fitted Bra + Feeling Good in it = A Good Fitted Bra


I think a lingerie expert or a trustworthy bra fitter sure can help you in the first formula. However, to get a good fitted bra, it can only be done if you make the final call correctly. My suggesiton: Go to find a good reputed lingerie shop or a bra fitter that you can trust for good expert advices, technical ones. Try those recommended on, then pay more attention and be more patient to your body and let it tell you which one makes you feel good in terms of comfort, fit and desired outlook. Your satisfaction is the key index that matters most. Believe it or not, fitting a bra is more than just measurements and expert advices. It is more of an emotional and keep-on-trying journey until you can find ones that you would feel confident in. 

Good News

Remember, being one in the 80% is not a bad news. It just means that you are not alone. It is not likely that we can change the fact that most women are wearing wrong bras. However, no one can stop you from feeling great in yourself. As abovesaid, seeking expert advice is good move but remember to pick only those fits and styles that you are fond of and feeling comfortable with as a good start of your perfect bra quest. I am not exageerating it but a good fitted bra can really lighten up your day. You will just feel confident, supported and secured in it.

P.S. Let your feeling tell you what is right for you. There is no one single perfect solution in the world. Same applies to finding good fitted bras. There are always many paths and ways leading to beauty, your own beauty.