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Hi, Butt! What Shape Are You?

Satami_butt shape cover

It is sad to say, but getting perfect undies for yourself is just as hard as finding a perfect bra! It is simply because every woman is unique, including her butt shape. Many women have been searching for underwear that would make her bum look good but the reality is that you will need to know more about it first. Once you know your shape, getting your right underwear will no longer be a headache. 

Butt Shapes of Women

Satami_butt shape

Theoretically, the shape of butt is determined by the combination of the placement of your pelvis and hip bones, the distribution and the amount of fat you have, plus how your muscles are attached to the thigh bone. 

Whilst there can be thousands of butt shapes you can find, there are 4 common shapes of butt that most women would fall into:

Square - "H" shape

This particular shape is caused by either higher and more prominent hip bones (if your pelvis sit high and is quite wide), or more distribution of fat in the ‘love handle’ area, which will give a more noticeable hip dip than other butt shape. This type of butt looks square-shaped and is closer to appearing as a straight up-and-down right below your waist, rather than tapering to the waist with a smooth curve. 

Satami_H Shape

Round - "C" or "O" shape

Commonly referred to as bubble butts due to their round appearance, a round butt is characterized by a fat distribution around the cheeks of the butt – including the upper portion of the cheeks, which causes a round look when viewed from behind. This shape often sits high when viewed from the side, and is usually quite perky and full.

Satami_O shape butt

Heart/Pear - "A" shape

The heart or pear shape is generally considered to be the most feminine butt shape, and is a result of fat distribution around lower portion of the butt and thighs. This results in a more tapered look from the waistline to the bottom of the butt, hence the “A” shape or ‘upside down heart’ as the description.

Satami_A shape butt

Inverted - "V" shape

The V shape is more commonly seen in thinner women who with lower estrogen levels, as lower estrogen levels resulting in shift of fat storage from the butt to the midsection. This can result in an inverted shape where the base of the butt is less full than the top of the butt. Unfortunately, this butt shape is also prone to sagging as well, and more often to be seen in elderly women.

Satami_V shape butt

And Now What?

We can always blame on how undesirable our butt shape is but don't overlook that we can always make it look better by choosing the right underwear. Now you should already have the idea of what type of butt you are having. On next blog, we will recommend you what kind of underwear that will be suitable for different butt types. Stay tuned!