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Little Bra 101 Tips【Bra Fat Issue】(。 。)

Don't Bother if Bra Fat Dosen't Concern You

I know I know.. Many women out there like me have a little bra fat around the underarm area. Yes, bras are supposed to lift and support breasts to give smooth an flattering silhouette. BUT... only when that you are in good fitted ones. Most of the time, in reality, skin and fat be pushed out from either underneath the bra bands or above the cup edges, creating an uneven bulge, that in the long run, those fats stay there creating an unwanted "Bra Bulge". Not much trouble really unless it is a medical issue but to be honest, it concerns many women as the bra fat tissues don't look too smooth under clothes. (even in your bikini tops)


To kill the problem, though it can't be instant but by putting on a bra with good underarm coverage does help to direct the migrated bra fat back into the breasts. Yes, even a fuller breasts can be resulted if you keep wear it regularly.

Satami Online does have a lot of bras that are designed with good underarm coverage as well as enhanced back coverage to avoid and improve the bra bulge problem.

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