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Moms-to-be, The Prettiest?

A lot of people have been saying that women are prettiest during pregnancy. No one should argue that if we imagine the pains and mental moments that a pregnant woman shall go through during and after the maternity period. Hey, it is the start of motherhood, the greatest, gifted ability of being a woman. I am a mom too but honestly, as I can recall, the memory on my pregnancy journey was not that great. So as for many women I know, are filled with nausea, vomits, mood swings, gaining fats, bloating breasts, stretch marks, dark skin blemishes and circles appearing during pregnancy. So are pregnant women really the “Prettiest”? or just because of the social norm of motherhood that lies within?...

Many Sleepless Nights Vs Happy Moments

There was a while that I thought, “Are those pregnancy symptoms and discomforts meant to be here to make a mom to feel greater?” I had so many nausea mornings and vomited even with a sip of water. I had so many sleepless nights because my tummy was too heavy for my back that made me hardly breathe, whilst my other half was snoring like a pig. (Yes, that’s upsetting, I mean it!) There were so many mornings that when I looked myself in the mirror, noticed my skin changes with more blemishes growing. My mood really swang you know and I did not see any “glowing” in my skin as others told me.

Don’t be scared. Whilst there are moments of feeling unwell and unhappy about the changes in the body, it is not permanent. Yes, it is only for a finite period of time and for a good cause. And you will find more heart-warming and satisfactory moments of hope that you will not regret. When I look back now, I remember more of the happy moments than the upset ones. I still have strong feelings of the joy of my girl’s first kick at my belly, the hiccups that reminded me that she was with me all the time, the moment of her palm poking out… which would sure bring smiles that make all moms-to-be beautiful, just not in the way that other people say that you are gorgeous, you look great, you are glowing, etc. though. The joy is from within.

Chance to Relive Your Lifestyle

Whilst our appearance may be affected during pregnancy, in which at most of time is not in a good and pleasant way, I would still say that pregnant women are beautiful. Not only because of that the motherhood brings you glow, but that a good and healthy style will. Maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle at least for half year before your expected pregnancy will make your maternity period much easier. A lot of women would quit alcohol and smoking before and during pregnant which of course is a good and wise move. A healthy body and mind is more flexible and adjustable to the hormones change during pregnancy.

Keep In Shape For Good Cause

Hormone changes, mood swings, so as our body. Pregnant women are prone to gaining and storing fats. Don’t forget to tackle this at the onset of pregnancy because what you do now, will sure affect your tendency to get back to your original shape after giving birth. I am not asking you to limit your food consumption as fat storage is needed for the healthy growth of your little one. However, we can control how and where the fat is formed: Don’t let your breasts grow without keeping them supported and in shape. Don’t let your buttocks and thighs expanded unguided.

There are many ways to direct your fat gained into the right position instead of letting it go anywhere freestyle. One good way is to make use of undergarments, good undergarments. Whilst adjusting yourself to a healthy lifestyle is a must-do, choosing good and supportive maternity wear can help you keeping your shape contained and controlled. Choose those that can provide good support and coverage yet comfortable and you won’t regret it.

Yes, Make Yourself The Prettiest The Way You Are

Every woman can be beautiful in all stages of her life. The time of pregnancy is one of the greatest moments that can also be one of the prettiest. However, in reality, hormones and body changes, for most of the time would give us not so pleasant effects and mood swings. Remember it is ok to feel whatever you think is right, beautiful or ugly, positive or negative, heaven or hell. At the end of the day, all you need to care is to feel like yourself. Instead of living in a social norm of “Pregnant women are the prettiest,” we shall indeed make our pregnancy journey a happier and more enjoyable one by living a healthy lifestyle and paying more attention to our body and mood change.


"Take good care and feel like yourself, then you can be the prettiest any moment, any time of your life."