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Move on

Yea! We are moving to a new workshop. Lucky enough, it is just one floor below, so it won't be too tough for our people. As we scanned through what to keep, they recall us of many memories and moments in the past years, those happy and sad, encouraging and disappointing ones. To me, moving is the moment to make one take a short flashback journey of her memory. And this one question popped up in my head, "do people actually like moving on or would rather prefer staying behind and holding on old memories?"....

Leaving Things Behind

It's always a pain in the ass when it comes to moving for many people. Why? It is simply because moving will inevitably make you get rid of things, many things, things that can indeed sit there forever in harmony if you don't bother them, even you don't see or use it. Deep in your heart, you will tell yourself that it's just there if you need it one day (even though for most of the time, we don't even remember that it exists).

But when you need to move, then there is an urge for one to make decision on its live or death. The line, "throw away those less important stuff for god sake!" keep banging on your head. It is a bit upsetting, at least for most people when it comes to get rid of things that once played a role in their life. So my conclusion? We tend to avoid leaving things behind emotionally, even if they are just memories.

“Leaving things behind always need a little bit of courage and determination. That's all.”

But Do We Actually Like Staying?

Emotionally, we tend to avoid leaving things behind. So should we follow our heart or take the rational route? I would say if you believe that staying behind will make your life better and happier, then of course you should. But in real life where time keeps ticking forward, so are we. It seems that even we like staying behind, it has never been an option after all.

Move On, Do What You Love

“You don't need to stay behind to avoid leaving things behind. Just Remember to love what you do and do what you love.”

Although our new workshop is slightly smaller than before, it feels more alive and energetic. So I guess it is time for us to move on together with our emotions and memories for good. No regrets.

You can always move on for a better good in life but remember things that you experienced are just like a shining light right behind you. It sure will not light up your entire path in the dark but it will shine up the next step that you take. Be brave, be adventurous and be blessed on what you love to do.