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We believe that every woman shall live life to the full. This blog serves only one purpose, to share valuable information that we can find to support every moment of all women, any woman.



What Estelle Pulseton Says About Us Again?

We never get enough from this young and beautiful lingerie designer, Estelle Puleston from UK. This time, we let her pick our latest lingerie collection for her to review. Let's see what she says...


What Shini Lola Says?

We are glad that we have found Shini Lola who is one of the most fun loving and passionate bloggers to share Satami products. Let's see what she says...


What Estelle Pulseton Says?

We are happy that we have reached out for Estelle Puleston. Esty is a blogger and a passionate designer-maker of her own lingerie line located in UK. We are lucky enough to have sent her our lingerie for her to review. Let's see what she says...