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Little Bra 101 Tips【Bra Fat Issue】(。 。)

I know I know.. Many women out there like me have a little bra fat around the underarm area. Yes, bras are supposed to lift and support breasts to give smooth an flattering silhouette. BUT... 


An Easy Treat to Unwanted Armpit Fats

Most conventional bras on the market give no consideration on the underarm coverage and we believe that this is one of the causes for women having unwanted underarm bulges or sometimes called “armpit fats”. Let us show you how our bras can help you to get rid of them. Read on...


Annoying Armpit Fat?

It is very common to have a small bulge of fat appearing at the underarm for most women. Most of us seldom question why and what caused this armpit fat or even sees it as unavoidable. Well, it is avoidable so read on!