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We believe that every woman shall live life to the full. This blog serves only one purpose, to share valuable information that we can find to support every moment of all women, any woman.



F/W2016 Coming To Town

Our Fall-Winter collection is coming to town. We see this winter is a colourful one and we decided to fill our bras with all fun and lovely winter colours in big saturation and hue to give a little warmth to this winter. Come in and see for yourself...


Feel The Fun on TV

Our all new Fall-Winter 2016 functional shaping bra collection is launching shortly. As part of the advertising campaign, we have produced this colourful video filled with fun and joy. The TV commercial will be showing on major television channels in Hong Kong from November 2016 onwards. Are you ready for fun?...


Good News: 80% Women Wearing It Wrong

Most bra experts and researchers out there saying that over 80% of women are wearing wrong size bra. It is very likely that you will ask yourself, "Am I one of them?" I know that sounds so discouraging for women as we always believe that a woman shall understand her body and self the best. So why not for the case of finding bras? Why the majority wears wrong bras?...


An Endless Battle

Different woman has different feelings on types of bra. But most of the time, most of us will stand on the two extremes, fighting against each other which seem that underwire bra and wirefree bra cannot coexist in the same closet for most women in real life. Can we end this fight one day?...