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The Shaping Bra Lab - Vol.02 - How to improve the bustline from sagging?

We have introduced to you our Bust Lifter - a simple but yet powerful control vest in our earlier blog. Now, let's check out our "Shaping Bra Lab video" to have a better idea.


Magic Push® – A Revolutionary Design of Wireless Bra

A wireless push-up bra may not be new and most of them are either featuring padding to do all the heavy liftings or sacrificing shape / support. Our new revolutionary patented design “Magic Push®”opens up the possibilities of a good lifting wireless bra,  that is light, with unrivaled comfort and yet functional.


The Shaping Bra Lab - Vol.01 - The Pulling Test

In our earlier blog, we have talked about the different levels of band strengths are designed for different body shape and needs. Yet, you might still not have a clue. In order to give you a better understanding, we have conducted an experiment on how the power mesh of SATAMI shaping bras could make a significant difference compare to the conventional bras.


Bust Lifter To Get Sagging Out of the Way

While breast sagging is inevitable for all women, we can always take steps to at least reduce and minimize it. A Bust Lifter, a simple but yet powerful control vest, is designed to be worn with your bra, to give extra support as well as a gentle lift to your bust. Come and see how...


Minimizer Bras That Really Work

Whilst many of us are finding ways to enhance our breast sizes, there are many out there with larger cup sizes looking for ways to go down a few cup sizes instead. Minimizer bras may be a solution for many women, but are these minimizer bras really working the way you want it. Take a peep at what our minimizer bras can do for you in a whole new way!


A Bra or A Good Bra

Do women need just a bra or a good one? “Of course a good one”, everyone should have similar answer. But what do you mean “good”? Should the “good” be rated on a scale of appearance and sexiness? Or should it be counted on functions and comfortable feelings? Sure we all want a good bra but just that one thinks a bra is good may not be good for the other next to her. But what really makes a “good” bra?...


The Shaping Bra Lab - Vol.03 - Testing The Coverage

SATAMI signature “Functional Shaping Bra” have better coverage and support control than most conventional bra. This Coverage Test is not about Bust coverage, but for Underarm coverage.