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We believe that every woman shall live life to the full. This blog serves only one purpose, to share valuable information that we can find to support every moment of all women, any woman.



What Is Your Perfect Alphabet?

Women have different breast shapes and sizes, which somehow makes us unique as an individual. But sadly, it is also quite common that we are named after our cup sizes. It seems there are certain breast sizes that the society sees as being better or having a higher social status. If you are given another chance to choose your breast size again, what would it be?...


Moment To Treasure

Everyone would take portraits during pregnancy? I did. Even though I had been feeling unwell throughout the period, I still managed a photoshoot at the outdoor in my third trimester. Yes, I love outdoors, the sunshine, the trees, and the fresh air and the wind breeze just make me happy. And Do you like your pregnancy photos when you look back?...


Beautifully Imperfect

The world that we are living in has set us many standards and norms on how to live our lives. For most of the time, it is quite tiring to live up to these standards that seem to be practical to a very small bunch of people. A perfect example is when people talk about beauty standards. Our society accepts a very narrow guideline of beauty, i.e., super slim figures, flawless skin, unrealistic stereotype I would say. But seriously, who can meet these "perfect" standards? By all means, these to me are not real. At least, they are not what we shall live for. But then, what is perfect really?...


Brad is Single, Really?

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt? "Are you kidding? No way!" was my first instance to the news. I am sure everyone was shocked as we have seen them accompanish so much together. Their relationship has somehow a deeper meaning embedded in our hearts. That's why I refused to believe it first and even when I did, I felt sad as this has taken our already very thin line of hope towards long-lasting love away. Marriage is no question a symbol of love, but I would wonder, "Is divorce the end of it?"...


Move on

Yea! We are moving to a new workshop. Lucky enough, it is just one floor below, so it won't be too tough for our people. As we scanned through what to keep, they recall us of many memories and moments in the past years, those happy and sad, encouraging and disappointing ones. To me, moving is the moment to make one take a short flashback journey of her memory. And this one question popped up in my head, "do people actually like moving on or would rather prefer staying behind and holding on old memories?"...