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Bust Lifter To Get Sagging Out of the Way

While breast sagging is inevitable for all women, we can always take steps to at least reduce and minimize it. A Bust Lifter, a simple but yet powerful control vest, is designed to be worn with your bra, to give extra support as well as a gentle lift to your bust. Come and see how...


Minimizer Bras That Really Work

Whilst many of us are finding ways to enhance our breast sizes, there are many out there with larger cup sizes looking for ways to go down a few cup sizes instead. Minimizer bras may be a solution for many women, but are these minimizer bras really working the way you want it. Take a peep at what our minimizer bras can do for you in a whole new way!


What Estelle Pulseton Says?

We are happy that we have reached out for Estelle Puleston. Esty is a blogger and a passionate designer-maker of her own lingerie line located in UK. We are lucky enough to have sent her our lingerie for her to review. Let's see what she says...


An Easy Treat to Unwanted Armpit Fats

Most conventional bras on the market give no consideration on the underarm coverage and we believe that this is one of the causes for women having unwanted underarm bulges or sometimes called “armpit fats”. Let us show you how our bras can help you to get rid of them. Read on...


Annoying Armpit Fat?

It is very common to have a small bulge of fat appearing at the underarm for most women. Most of us seldom question why and what caused this armpit fat or even sees it as unavoidable. Well, it is avoidable so read on!


Hi, The Lingerie Addict Fans!

Come on in if you are one of the TLA readers and fans, you will be surprised!  Come in now...


The Shapes of Back Band Work Different Magic

Do you know bras have different back band designs? Is a bra better if it covers more? As you may already know, the band of a bra is the crucial element for giving adequate support to your breasts. With a taller and wider back band, it can do more than just extra supports. The bra of such can also provide you better control and desired shaping effects.  Come in to read on...


Band Has Different Strengths?

Do you know our bras have different levels of band strength? And the right choice of which will give you the right look! You will be amazed the different magics that a bra can do with different band strengths.  Come in to read on...