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We believe that every woman shall live life to the full. This blog serves only one purpose, to share valuable information that we can find to support every moment of all women, any woman.



Brad is Single, Really?

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt? "Are you kidding? No way!" was my first instance to the news. I am sure everyone was shocked as we have seen them accompanish so much together. Their relationship has somehow a deeper meaning embedded in our hearts. That's why I refused to believe it first and even when I did, I felt sad as this has taken our already very thin line of hope towards long-lasting love away. Marriage is no question a symbol of love, but I would wonder, "Is divorce the end of it?"...


Moms-to-be, The Prettiest?

A lot of people have been saying that women are prettiest during pregnancy. No one should argue that if we imagine the pains and mental moments that a pregnant woman shall go through during and after the maternity period. It is the start of motherhood, the greatest, gifted ability of being a woman. I am a mom too but honestly, as I can recall, the memory on my pregnancy journey was not that great. So as for many women I know, are filled with nausea, vomits, mood swings, gaining fats, bloating breasts, stretch marks, dark skin blemishes and circles appearing during pregnancy. So are pregnant women really the “Prettiest”? or just because of the social norm of motherhood that lies within?...


Move on

Yea! We are moving to a new workshop. Lucky enough, it is just one floor below, so it won't be too tough for our people. As we scanned through what to keep, they recall us of many memories and moments in the past years, those happy and sad, encouraging and disappointing ones. To me, moving is the moment to make one take a short flashback journey of her memory. And this one question popped up in my head, "do people actually like moving on or would rather prefer staying behind and holding on old memories?"...


Good News: 80% Women Wearing It Wrong

Most bra experts and researchers out there saying that over 80% of women are wearing wrong size bra. It is very likely that you will ask yourself, "Am I one of them?" I know that sounds so discouraging for women as we always believe that a woman shall understand her body and self the best. So why not for the case of finding bras? Why the majority wears wrong bras?...


A Bra or A Good Bra

Do women need just a bra or a good one? “Of course a good one”, everyone should have similar answer. But what do you mean “good”? Should the “good” be rated on a scale of appearance and sexiness? Or should it be counted on functions and comfortable feelings? Sure we all want a good bra but just that one thinks a bra is good may not be good for the other next to her. But what really makes a “good” bra?...


An Endless Battle

Different woman has different feelings on types of bra. But most of the time, most of us will stand on the two extremes, fighting against each other which seem that underwire bra and wirefree bra cannot coexist in the same closet for most women in real life. Can we end this fight one day?...


Brightness in You

Rio 2016 Olympic Games are really awesome. Congratulations to those who are able to get on the award stand. To those who did not win a medal, you should know that you are just as great which you have already come a long way. There are so many touching moments that have brought tears to our eyes. Are you touched by any?...


The Lingerie Shopping Hate Yet We Love Bras

“Who doesn't like shopping?” We guess no women will put her hand up to this question. But if the question is: “Who doesn't like bra shopping?” The answer can be quite different to many women and some women just loath it. Honestly, bra shopping can sometimes be an intimidating, frustrating and embarrassing experience. But can we make this hate into love?...