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We believe that every woman shall live life to the full. This blog serves only one purpose, to share valuable information that we can find to support every moment of all women, any woman.



The Shapes of Back Band Work Different Magic

Do you know bras have different back band designs? Is a bra better if it covers more? As you may already know, the band of a bra is the crucial element for giving adequate support to your breasts. With a taller and wider back band, it can do more than just extra supports. The bra of such can also provide you better control and desired shaping effects.  Come in to read on...


Band Has Different Strengths?

Do you know our bras have different levels of band strength? And the right choice of which will give you the right look! You will be amazed the different magics that a bra can do with different band strengths.  Come in to read on...


Reflection Of You

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?” Just like the Snow White story, though we are not the wicked queen, women will check themselves out in front of mirror every day and ask herself, “Am I beautiful today?”...


F/W2016 Coming To Town

Our Fall-Winter collection is coming to town. We see this winter is a colourful one and we decided to fill our bras with all fun and lovely winter colours in big saturation and hue to give a little warmth to this winter. Come in and see for yourself...


Feel The Fun on TV

Our all new Fall-Winter 2016 functional shaping bra collection is launching shortly. As part of the advertising campaign, we have produced this colourful video filled with fun and joy. The TV commercial will be showing on major television channels in Hong Kong from November 2016 onwards. Are you ready for fun?...


What Is Your Perfect Alphabet?

Women have different breast shapes and sizes, which somehow makes us unique as an individual. But sadly, it is also quite common that we are named after our cup sizes. It seems there are certain breast sizes that the society sees as being better or having a higher social status. If you are given another chance to choose your breast size again, what would it be?...


Moment To Treasure

Everyone would take portraits during pregnancy? I did. Even though I had been feeling unwell throughout the period, I still managed a photoshoot at the outdoor in my third trimester. Yes, I love outdoors, the sunshine, the trees, and the fresh air and the wind breeze just make me happy. And Do you like your pregnancy photos when you look back?...


Beautifully Imperfect

The world that we are living in has set us many standards and norms on how to live our lives. For most of the time, it is quite tiring to live up to these standards that seem to be practical to a very small bunch of people. A perfect example is when people talk about beauty standards. Our society accepts a very narrow guideline of beauty, i.e., super slim figures, flawless skin, unrealistic stereotype I would say. But seriously, who can meet these "perfect" standards? By all means, these to me are not real. At least, they are not what we shall live for. But then, what is perfect really?...